Top 10 of the most unique Schools in The World

Top 10 of the most unique, revolutionary and some even bizarre classrooms where elementary and high school students attend around the world.

  1. Burgess Hill School, England
  2. Gulu Elementary School, China
  3. Harvey Milk High School, New York
  4. The Train Platform Schools Of India
  5. Forest Kindergartens, Across Europe
  6. The Boat Schools of Bangladesh
  7. Witch School, Salem
  8. Dongzhong Cave School, China
  9. River Plate School, Argentina
  10. School of the Future, Philadelphia

School means different things to different people and no two academic experiences are totally alike. Even so, most students can share a common notion of what constitutes a relatively ‘normal’ academic experience. There’s the too-early morning bell, the cramped, uncomfortable desks, the omnipresent chalk board, the all-too-short lunch period and, of course, the endless piles of homework crammed into an over-stuffed, heavy knapsack. Generally, there is something of a universality to the shape, structure and style of schools. These elements are so intrinsically tied to the experience of going to school that they remained burned into your consciousness, even many years after graduation.

But it’s important to recognize that the educational experiences that may be familiar to you aren’t shared everywhere. Sometimes out of a situational necessity and sometimes simply in order to offer something new, going to school can mean something entirely different to particular student. Indeed, you can find all kinds of varied scholastic institutions both beyond American borders and, in some cases, inside of them. Places of education, after all, don’t carry any required, mandatory qualities outside of teachers passing along knowledge and information to pupils within four walls. And, as we will see over the course of this list, the teaching doesn’t even need to take place within four walls. Just as they say that home is where the heart is, it can also be said that school is where the learning is.

Despite some of the standardized elements to learning institutions with which we’ve become familiar, some schools recognize that you can’t reach all students in the same way. Students thrive within a variety of different environments with messages that are transmitted through various means. Some are visual learners, some are oral. Some prefer a classroom settings, while others do their best work amidst a less traditional environment. Some learn best from a textbook, some through current digital tools. And some seem to do their best learning from a boat, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

The point is that there are some weird classroom settings out there – and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Learning can thrive in any setting, with some unique surroundings often providing inspiration. The Sinarmas World Academy in Indonesia, for example, offers students a learning environment that includes a scenic campus featuring a stunning courtyard, a domed pathway, a cutting edge media library and a state-of-the-art performing arts center. Other educational locales set themselves apart through their course material, perhaps most notably a school in Spain that teaches lessons in the world’s oldest profession.

The following list may not include any classes in prostitution, but it does feature plenty of school settings that don’t look a thing like your alma mater. Education takes on a decidedly different look when it takes place in fresh, invigorating surroundings, or when it covers lessons that extend beyond basic reading, writing and arithmetic. Here are 10 of the most unique schools in the world.